Yes we supply networked versions of the software. This ensures that the pricing across the practice is consistent.
Through the tables embedded in the program you may set all the parameters for prices or other factors that influence the pricing such as quality of records supplied or the type of business.
Simple, if you ask for your money back, we give it back without question. Most accountants don’t cheat and if our product does not make you more than you pay for it in year one, we give you your money back upon request. You will then be permanently removed from the database if you trigger the guarantee as it would indicate that the product is not right for your practice.
They include telephone support during installation, general product support and free upgrades. We are working on improvements all the time and welcome user suggestions and feedback.
Yes we can supply copies so that you can price up at customers and prospects premises. At the moment there is no integration back to the server copy so the data needs to be re-input. We are, however, working on a synchronisation function to overcome this.
Yes. Accountants like systems, but often do not like selling. The system is designed to help your clients buy. The marketing collateral also helps sell more products.
If you buy FFAPTM version 2 or above we give you FFSATM (Fixed fee self assessment free and it integrates into the system seamlessly.
The FFAP system can produce standing orders automatically and will also price up the Fee Plan direct debit amounts if you use the facility from the MBNA group.