FFSA™ launched on 1 July 2007. This software provides fixed fee pricing solution for Self assessment returns for practices. It also caters for pricing property accounts preparation for buy to let or commercial property owners as well as trust accounts. This is the only software in the UK to do what it does – another first from Squosh Software.

The software ensures that you do recover more revenue for those clients with more complex, investments, business affairs or trust or property accounts. This means that whilst you still stay away from the dreaded hourly rates (if we do it more slowly we charge you more!) and enables you stick to a fixed fee. Clients generally prefer this risk reversal. It also ensures that pricing is consistent throughout your practice.

FFSA™ enables you to price specifically for:-

  • The number of Bank Accounts
  • The quantity of investments
  • The number of Self Employments
  • The number of Employments
  • Property accounts
  • Trust accounts
  • Foreign income

By pricing the way it does it engages you with the client during pricing that will on occasions lead to additional work, or opportunities to generate Financial Services work, through your own facility or through an IFA that you work with.

You will find after using this that you begin to sell a value proposition to your clients helping them manage their affairs better and move away from pure transactional customers.

FFSA™ can be purchased as a stand alone pricing tool or integrates within the Fixed Fee Accountant Pro (FFAP™) module.